Wound Care Product Index

Abdominal (ABD) Pads
AQUACEL Ag Dressings
AQUACEL Hydrofiber Dressing
ACTISORB Silver 220 Antimicrobial Binding Dressing
ADAPTIC Non-adhering Dressing
Acticoat 7 Day Wound Dressing
Acticoat Wound and Burn Dressing .75 in. x 12 in. Rope
Acticoat Burn Dressing 4" x 4"
Allevyn Adhesive Hydrocellular Dressing
AlgiSite  M Calcium Alginate Dressing
Allevyn Composite Foam Dressing
Allevyn Composite Foam Dressing
Allevyn Heel Wound Dressing
Arglaes Powder Wound Dressing
BIOCLUSIVE Transparent Dressing
CarboFlex Odor Control Dressing
Carrasyn Gel Wound Dressing
Cica-Care Silicone Gel Sheeting
CircAid Thera-Boot Compression Bandage
Coloplast Comfeel Paste
Coloplast Comfeel Plus Pressure Relief Dressing
Comprilan Short Stretch Compression Bandage
Convatec Signadress Dressing with Visual Indicator
ConvaTec Tubigrip Elastic Tubular Bandage
Curafil Gel Wound Dressin
CURASALT Sodium Chloride Dressing
Cutinova Thin Hydrocolloid Dressing
Derma-Gel Hydrogel Sheets
DuoDERM Extra Thin CGF Dressing - 4 x 4"
DuoDERM Hydroactive Gel - 30gm
Epi-Max Sterile Wound Dressing
EXCILON AMD Antimicrobial I.V. Sponges - 2" x 2"
EXCILON AMD Antimicrobial I.V. Sponges - 4" x 4"
EXU-Dry® Dressing with Anti-Shear Layer
FlexiGel Hydrogel Strands
Fibracol Plus Collagen Wound Dressing with Alginate
Gauze Bandage Rolls
Gauze Bordered
Gauze Sponges, NON-STERILE
Gauze Sponges-STERILE
Gentleheal Atraumatic Foam Dressing
Gentell Hydrogel Wound Dressing
Hyalofill Biopolymeric Wound Dressing
InterDry Ag Textile with Antimicrobial Silver Complex
IntraSite Gel Applipak System - 8 gm packet
IntraSite Gel Applipak System - 15gm packet
IntraSite Gel Applipak System - 25gm packet
Iodoform Impregnated Gauze Dressing
Invacare Calcium Alginate Wound Dressings
Iodoflex Cadexomer Iodine Gel Pad Dressing
KALTOSTAT Alginate Dressing
Kendall COPA Ultra-Soft Wound Dressing
Kendall Telfa Dressings
Kendall Polyskin II Transparent Dressing
Kendall Tenderwrap Unna Boot
LYOFOAM ® Extra Polyurethane Foam Dressing
Maxorb Extra AG Silver Alginate
Medifil II Dressing - 5ml particles
Medifil II Dressing - 10ml particles
Medifil II Dressing - 15ml particles
Medline Exuderm Hydrocolloids
Mepilex Border 3" x 3" Self Adherent Foam Dressing
Mepiform Self-Adherent Silicone Dressing
Mepilex Highly Absorbent Foam Dressing
Mepitel Nonadherent Silicone Dressing
MESALT Sodium Chloride Impregnated Dressing
Nexcare Triple Layer Gauze Pads
Novagel Silicone Gel Sheets 5 x 6
SILVERCEL Antimicrobial Alginate Dressing
SF-Gel Dressing 3 oz
SoloSite Wound Gel
Sorbsan Wound Dressing
PolyMem Wound Care Dressing
Prisma Matrix Wound Dressing - 19.1 Sq In Hexigon Colligen Based
Profore Four Layer Bandage System Pack
PROMOGRAN Prisma Matrix
Puracol Plus Wound Dressing
RadiaDres 4" x 4" Gel Sheets
Restore Calcium Alginate Dressing
Restore Hydrogel - 3 oz tube
Restore Hydrocolloid Dressing - 4 x 4"
SilvaSorb Products
SeaSorb Soft Alginate Dressing
Smith and Nephew Allevyn Heel Wound Dressing
Smith and Nephew IV 3000"
Restore Odor-Absorbent Dressing 4X4
Smith and Nephew Replicare Dressing
Smith and Nephew Replicare Thin Dressing
Smith and Nephew Replicare Ultra Sacrum Dressing
TEGA Product Line
Tegaderm Absorbent Clear Acrylic Dressing (Various Sizes)
Tegaderm HP Transparent Dressing
Tegaderm Hydrogel Wound Filler
Tegagen HI Alginate Dressing
3M Tegagel Hydrogel Wound Filler with Gauze
Tegasorb THIN Hydrocolloid Dressing
Tegasorb Products
Unna Boot Kendall Tenderwrap
Viscopaste PB7 Zinc Paste Bandage
Wound Drainage Collectors
XCell Antimicrobial Cellulose Dressings
Xeroform Gauze Dressing