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Clinical Chairs - Recliners

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Winco 6530 / 6531 - CareCliner Geriatric-Chair Invacare Basic 3-Position Geri Chair Winco 6571 XL CareCliner Geriatrics Chair
  • Push handle on back for easy maneuverability
  • Webbed elastic suspension seat
  • Multiple side-table options
  • Three easy-to-attain positions
  • Table can be used on either side
  • Table locks in to one of five positions
  • Easy transfer by "one touch" action
  • Can roll chair with arms down
  • Built-in ergonomic headrest
Winco 6551 CareCliner Drop Arm Geriatric Chair Winco 6541 Xl Carecliner Geriatric Chair, Steel Casters Winco 6900 Elite CareCliner Geriatric Chair
  • Standard Trendelenberg release handle
  • One-touch release for drop-arms
  • Built-in headrest
  • Release handle on back operated from either side
  • Side panels can be removed for cleaning
  • Built-in ergonomic headrest
  • Built-in ergonomic headrest
  • Standard Trendelenberg release
  • Blow molded fold down side tray
Winco 6910 XL Elite Trendelenburg Bariatric CareCliner Winco 5851 Reclining Geri Chair LifeCare Geriatric Winco 6540 XL CareCliner Chair, Nylon Casters
  • Easily accessible Trendelenburg release handle
  • Non-porous blow molded fold down side tray
  • Built-in ergonomic headrest
  • Non-porous tray stores on the side of the chair
  • Recessed hand-grips for both user and caregiver
  • Three-position lock in upright, T.V. or recline
  • Smooth, round tube frame with recessed hand-grips
  • Optional 3" leg extensions
  • Built-in ergonomic headrest
Winco 6550 CareCliner Drop Arm Chair with Nylon Casters Winco 6570 XL CareCliner Drop Arm Chair, Nylon Casters Winco 6940 Dual Swing-Arm Elite CareCliner
  • Built-in ergonomic headrest
  • Nylon casters
  • Non-porous blow molded fold down side tray
  • Arms drop level with seat for easy transfer
  • Built-in ergonomic headrest
  • Elastic open seat provides comfort and support
  • Easy dual swing-arms release.
  • Standard Trendelenberg release on back
  • Fold-down side tray
Winco 6950 XL Swing Away Arm Trendelenburg Bariatric CareCliner MJM International Bariatric Three-Position Recline Geri Chair Vero Medical Recliner Chair by Winco
  • Fold-down side tray
  • Trendelenberg release on back
  • Adjustable elastic bands on back frame
  • Bariatric 3-position recline
  • Multi position for back and legs
  • Weight capacity: 700 lbs
  • Durable construction can easily withstand heavy, repeated use
  • Upholstery is easy to clean, helping bolster a healthful environment
Inverness 24 Hour Treatment Recliner for Dialysis and Clinical Treatment Winco Augustine Premium Recliner Winco Vero PRC Medical POWER Recliner Chair
  • Durable construction that is easy to clean.
  • Trendelenburg Positions
  • Holds upto 500 lb. weight capacity(XL)
  • 500 lbs. Weight Capacity
  • Infinite Position Backrest
  • Fixed Arms For Stability
  • Durable construction can easily withstand heavy, repeated use
  • Upholstery is easy to clean, helping bolster a healthful environment
  • push a button with no fear of strain.