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Drop Arm

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Winco 6571 XL CareCliner Geriatrics Chair Winco 6551 CareCliner Drop Arm Geriatric Chair Winco 5281 Drop-Arm 3-Position Geriatric Recliner
  • Easy transfer by "one touch" action
  • Can roll chair with arms down
  • Built-in ergonomic headrest
  • Standard Trendelenberg release handle
  • One-touch release for drop-arms
  • Built-in headrest
  • Additionally, the 3-position design ensures comfortable, safe positioning.
Winco 6990 XL Nocturnal Elite Care Cliner Winco 5271 Geri Chair Droparm 3 Position Recliner Winco 6550 CareCliner Drop Arm Chair with Nylon Casters
  • Left side swing-arm for modified entry
  • Attendant controlled Trendelenburg foot release
  • Dual fold down tables
  • Includes Tray!
  • One-touch release for drop arms
  • 3-position comfort
  • Built-in ergonomic headrest
  • Nylon casters
  • Non-porous blow molded fold down side tray
Winco 6570 XL CareCliner Drop Arm Chair, Nylon Casters Winco 6940 Dual Swing-Arm Elite CareCliner Winco 6950 XL Dual Swing-Arm Elite Care Cliner, Nylon Casters
  • Arms drop level with seat for easy transfer
  • Built-in ergonomic headrest
  • Elastic open seat provides comfort and support
  • Easy dual swing-arms release.
  • Standard Trendelenberg release on back
  • Fold-down side tray
  • Fold-down side tray
  • Trendelenberg release on back
  • Adjustable elastic bands on back frame
Winco S400 Transfer Recliner Geriatric Chair with Drop Arms
  • Stretcher & chair all in one
  • Infinite position back
  • Quick release tabs for lowering & raising foot and leg-rest