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Gauze Rolls

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Kerlix Gauze Bandage Rolls Medline Bulkee II Cotton Gauze Bandage Rolls
  • Ideal for bandaging, difficult areas to dress wounds.
  • Reduces risk of wound contamination and granulomas.
  • Reduces risk of maceration.
  • Ideal as a primary or secondary wound dressing.
  • Open weave design provides fast wicking and aeration.
  • Works exceptionally well in burn care applications.
Gauze Rolls are, as the name describes, rolls of gauze. Gauze rolls can be tied around an arm or leg to control bleeding by using tape to hold the gauze in place. Gauze is typically used to cover wounds for the purpose of them healing faster and it also helps to prevent infection. Gauze does not normally stick to the skin meaning that pulling it off is not usually painful for the patient.