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Lymphedema & Dvt Pumps

Lymphedema & DVT Pumps

Our compression pumps "Lymphedema Pumps", come from top respected manufacturers: Bio Compression Systems and Huntleigh . These compression pumps are convenient and easy to use. Make sure you get the correct lymphedema sleeves to go with your compression pump.

Need help choosing the type of system to fit your needs?

Uniform Compression: A single chambered garment is used to exert the compressive force uniformly around the limb.
Sequential Compression: A multi-chambered garment fills in sections to exert the compressive force to the limb. Such compression should always be delivered distal (furthest point from the body) to proximal (closest point to the body).
Gradient Segmental Compression: A multi-chambered garment fills distal to proximal, up the limb, with each subsequent chamber at less pressure than the previous.
Cycle Time: The preset inflation and deflation periods of the system.

Understanding the Lymphatic System Video