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Prevention/Therapeutic Bed Mattress Systems

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Medline Odyssey Zero-G Visco Elastic Foam Mattress Invacare Solace Bariatric Mattress, 42"W Invacare Solace Prevention Therapeutic Foam Mattress
  • Nylex ultra soft cover and high density
  • Long lasting heat-activated visco foam
  • Cost effective mattress conforms to body contours
  • Helps prevent pressure ulcers
  • Provides comfort and support
  • Fits most beds
  • Weight Capacity 360lbs
  • Two-layer foam relieves bed sores
  • Convoluted foam offers even weight distribution
  • Built-in side supports
  • Weight Capacity 350lbs

Invacare STS2080 Solace Therapeutic Foam Mattress Invacare SPS1080 Solace Prevention Foam Mattress Invacare Sts1080 Solace Therapy Foam Mattress - 36"W X 80"L
  •    Helps prevent pressure ulcers or bed sores
  •    Pressure reducing, triple-layer foam mattress
  •    Built-in sides provide extra support for patient
  •    Weight Capacity 350lbs
  • Helps prevent pressure ulcers
  • Provides comfort and support
  • Weight Capacity 360 lbs
  • Helps relive and treat pressure ulcers
  • Comfortable for long periods of use
  • Side supports aid getting in and out of bed
  • Weight capacity 350 lbs
Drive Multi-Ply 6500 Dynamic Elite Pressure Redistribution Foam Mattress Graham Field Platinum Care 519 Series Foam Mattress With Zipper Medline Advantage-FB 2000 Foam Mattress
  • High-density foam provides a firm foundation
  • Designated head/foot sections for easy installation
  • Weight capacity 350 lbs
  • Offers outstanding comfort & pressure reduction
  • Prevents & Treats stage I pressure ulcers
  • top cover moves with the patient to reduce shearing
  • Weight Capacity: 500 lbs
  • Variable-depth sculpting for improved comfort
  • All mattresses featured pass the "cigarette test"
  • Weight Capacity: 350lbs

Invacare Softform Premier Mattress, IPM1080 Medline Advantage Select VE Foam Mattress Medline High Performance Fiber Homecare Mattress
  • Four widths are available: 36", 39", 42" and 48"
  • Fluid-resistant mattress cover included
  • Four widths to choose from
  • Latex free - Fire Barrier
  • Sculpted Foam
  • Weight capacity: 350lb

  • Durable 8 oz vinyl ticking.
  • Inverted side seams for patient comfort and caretaker convenience.
  • Weight capacity is 250 lb.

Drive Gravity 7 Long Term Care Pressure Redistribution Mattress Medline Odyssey Elite Five Zone Visco Elastic Foam Mattress With Fire Barrier Span America Geo-Mattress Therapeutic Raised Perimeter Mattress With Wings
  • Waterproof Vinyl Bottom
  • Fluid-Resistant Nylon Top
  • High-Density Foam Perimeter
  • Visco Foam - Flame retardant
  • Antimicrobial, fluid-proof top cover
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Shearing protection at transfer opening
  • Prompts user safely away from edge of bed
  • Reduces risk of dangerous falls or side-rail entrapment
Span America Geo-Mattress UltraMax Premium Theraupetic Foam Mattress For Recessed Deck Frames Span America PressureGuard CFT Mattress Span America Geo-Mattress UltraMax High-Performance Foam Mattress
  • Compressible foot section adds length flexibility
  • Patented inner bolster cradling effect for user safety
  • Individual foam cells accommodate bony prominences
  • Patented inner bolster ’cradling effect’ for user safety
  • Unmatched edge-of-bed stability
  • Recommended for prevention and treatment of Stage I and Stage II pressure ulcers
Drive Gravity 9 Memory Foam Redistribution Mattress Drive Gravity 8 Long Term Care Pressure Redistribution Mattress Span America PressureGuard CFT Queen Sized Self-Adjusting Air Therapy Mattress
  • Helps prevent pressure ulcers or bed sores
  • Pressure reducing, Memory foam mattress
  • Optinal Built-in sides provide extra support for patient
  • Helps prevent pressure ulcers or bed sores
  • Pressure reducing, triple-layer foam mattress
  • Optinal Built-in sides provide extra support for patient
  • Large Queen Sized
  • Mattress weight: 21 lb
  • Weight capacity: 750 lb
Span America Geo Mattress Atlas Bariatric Therapeutic Foam Mattress
  • Mattress height: 7" at center
  • Average mattress weight: 36lb
  • Weight capacity: 600lb to 750lb
Prevention/Therapeutic Bed Mattress Systems help to prevent pressure ulcers, provide comfort and support, have built in side walls to help provide extra support, and the convoluted foam offers even weight distribution.