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Pride Mobility Products

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Pride selections of power chairs begins with the Go Chair at $1,499 which is a great traveling power wheelchair.
Pride offers a large selection of Mobility Scooters, met to fit a wide array of applications.

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Today's seniors and the baby boomers generation have never had the opportunity to be more active and going. Unfortunately, as we progress in age, time can take its toll. Seniors in the late 70s - 80s are now wanting to keep and enjoy that busy and active life >
Pride Mobility has addressed some of those mobility concerns, with their complete set of mobility aids. With offerings of Scooters, Jazzy Power Chairs and Lift Chairs, their allowing seniors to maintain that active life>
Pride is the leader in the development of mobility next generation technology!

Pride Scooters:
Pride offers a large selection of Mobility Scooters, but two top models come to mind: The Victory Scooter and the GoGo Scooter, both can fit a wide array of applications. The GoGo Scooter is available in six configurations, and is one of the best travel scooters on the market today. This Lightweight mobility scooter is versatile and can quickly be broken down for traveling in just 5 easy to manage pieces.

The Victory 9 &10 Scooters are a larger, higher-end scooter. They are great for that long day at Disney, tough, great for errands and even just running around town. This scooter, while being a bit larger in size, also breaks down in order to travel.

Pride Lift Chairs:
Pride Lift Chairs provide comfortable seating services and are built to last. Models start at $599. With a wide variety of chairs, affordable selections can be found with even a sleeper model with a built-in mattress system. Pride Lift Chairs are built on hardwood frames, the feature the longest warranty in the industry, and are also available in over 40 colors and fabrics, including leather.

Pride Quantum Rehab & Power Wheelchairs:
Pride Mobility's vast selection of power chairs begins with the Go Chair at $1,499 which is a great traveling power wheelchair. Pride configured power wheelchairs are designed to meet any need. From the most simple chair to the most complex, Pride Mobility has a configuration that could comfortably fit you or your patient, and completely fill their needs. With 2 Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) on staff, we welcome a one on one consultation to select the best suited Pride Mobility power-chair for your needs.