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Resistance Chair Exercise System

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Freedom Flex Shoulder Stretcher Smooth Rider II Exercise Cycle
  • Allows the user to control the amount of stretching.
  • Excellent for increasing, maintaining range of motion.
  • Great for treating "frozen shoulder syndrome.
  • Increases, usability of the Resistance Chair
  • Exercise the entire body safely, effectively.
  • Suitable for use in clinics, gyms or at home.
The Resistance Chair Exercise System is a comfortable and convenient solution to the problem of the bulkiness and heaviness of a standard workout system. Resistance Exercise Chairs improve muscle strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. These resistance chairs are ready to use directly out of the box; they require no assembly. Whether it is for rehabilitation, increasing mobility, or just wanting to increase muscle strength and blood circulation, this exercise system is safe, low impact, and is already used by thousands of health professionals.