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Hi - Profile Roho Cushions

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ROHO Quadtro Hi Profile Cushion ROHO Enhancer Cushion Roho Quadtro Mid-Profile Cushion
Roho Enhancer Cushion
Our Price: $374.00

  • Fits specific seating needs and body shapes
  • Easy to handle and carry, at just 4.6 lbs
  • Cushion can be easily cleaned with soap and water
  • Contoured form for minimal shearing and friction
  • Best for those with poor sitting balance
  • Available in over 10 sizes
  • 3" high cells provides postural support
  • Matches and tracks the shape of the user
  • Available in six sizes
Unsure of which to choose, we always recommended the Quadtro Cushion, with ISOFLO, It provided a more comfortable seating experience!

Understanding the Roho Cushion Technology
Low Profile Cushion are recommended for prevention of Skin breakdown,
Hi-Profile are recommended for existing cases of Skin Breakdown
How To Properly Fill A ROHO Cushion


4" (10 cm) interconnected air cells provide an adjustable, low deformation, counter-pressure environment that assist in the healing of ischemic ulcers. Appropriate for the high risk client.


The QUADTRO SELECT Cushion sets the standard in the industry for overall performance in wheelchair seating. Each and every user will benefit from a customized fit through the simple push of a knob. The revolutionary ISOFLO Memory Control offers shape fitting capabilities while the user is seated, allowing quick and easy on-demand adjustment to maximize function. With the built-in stability and simplicity of the QUADTRO SELECT Cushion, no longer will you have to sacrifice maximum skin protection to get stability, positioning or convenience. The QUADTRO SELECT Cushion does it all.