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Roho Mattress Systems

ROHO Medical Mattresses, and Low air Loss Mattress Systems play a critical role in providing the patient with the appropriate comfort and support. Each of ROHO's medical mattress options offer unique features
and benefits; therefore, it is very important to read the entire product page. You can also contact our Roho trained service staff at 1-866-218-0902. We will help you consider all the details and relate them to your individual needs.


My mother is very uncomfortable in bed, she has no skin breakdown, but i think a ROHO Low-air Loss Mattress may be more comforable for her.

Will Medicare Cover this cost?
Its not a short answer:

Medicare will only cover a Low Air Loss Mattress and only if the patient has been using this product for no less than 30 days, in a Nursing home our Hospital Setting prior to discharge.
  1. Documentation from the Physician must be done monthly stating that the condition still requires the use.


A group 2 mattress overlay is covered if the patient meets:

a) Criterion 1) and 2), and 3), or

b) Criterion 4), or

c) Criteria 5 and 6

1) Multiple stage II pressure ulcers located on the trunk or pelvis.

2) Patient has been on a comprehensive ulcer treatment program for at least the past month which
has included the use of an appropriate group 1 support surface.

3) The ulcers have worsened or remained the same over the past month.

4) Large or multiple stage III or IV pressure ulcer(s) on the trunk or pelvis.

If the patient has not been in the care of a Nursing Home or Hospital, the requirements are that the patient use a ROHO Medical Mattress.

This by no means is a easy product to explain, nor is this full coverage guidelines. Click to review FULL MEDICARE Guidelines.

Unfortunately ROHO prohibits International sales.