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Vehicle Lifts

Great Choices in Power Wheelchair Lifts
Please use our Vehicle/Lift compatibility calculator (below) to choose the best option to transport your Power-chair or Scooter.

Power Wheelchair Lifts; assist you in taking
your electric wheelchair or mobility scooter with you, attached to your car.
The Medical Department Store, now carries a large selection of wheelchair
lifts, ranging from manual lifts to full power lifts, where you will do nothing
more than push a button.
Most models we carry, attach to a hitch on the back of your vehicle, while
other models lift your mobility product into the trunk of your car or back of
your van. Our Wheelchair-Scooter lift experts, are fully trained an can help
you to find the right model to match your exact lifting needs. Call at
866-218-0902, and we can help determine which model will work best for your
vehicle, your mobility equipment and your physical capabilities.
Common Questions:

How can I make sure the wheelchair lift will work with my vehicle and my power

Use our Online Wheelchair - Scooter Compatibility Tool from Harmar, by clicking
on the Harmar logo below.

or just Simply Call us at 866-218-0902, let our expert service staff help you make a informed decision.

We just need to know your:
Vehicle make
Model, Year,
Wheelchair or Scooter you plan to lift.

We do the research and recommend back to you if the combination or combinations that meet your budget and will work for you!

If you place your order online, please note your vehicle and scooter or wheelchair information in the notes section during checkout and we will confirm that the combination works before your order is shipped.
I am unsure of the Hitch Type.
Hitch receivers are >

How do I install my lift? As a premier
Harmar dealer, we work with a network of professional vehicle Lift installers. Most lifts are covered under this agreement, in the case of a covered lift, we can have your Harmar vehicle lift installed anywhere in the United States, in just a few
Installing Manually Operated Wheelchair Lifts:
Most manually operated wheelchair lifts can be installed yourself. Manual lifts, like the Tilt-A-Rack line or the Tilt n Tote, slide into a hitch on the back of your vehicle. The Tilt and Rack line even has a Wheel accessory which allows you to install and remove the hitch with just one person. Installing Power Operated Wheelchair Lifts:
Electrically-powered wheelchair and scooter lifts may require drilling into the trunk or storage space of the vehicle, or wiring the unit directly to the car battery, so Medical Department Store recommends using our nation wide installation service, or a reputable auto mechanic as the lifts are quite easy to install, for a very qualified mechanic.