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Wheelchair Cushions

Wheelchair Cushions

Selecting a Wheelchair Cushion

Foam Wheelchair Cushions - Foam
is light and varies widely in stiffness and density. Proper stiffness,
density and resilience help ensure adequate support and an effective
lifespan. Foam envelops the buttocks well, but can be hot and is damaged
by moisture and light, so a protective cover should be used. Wheelchair Cushion covers
made from fabric that does not stretch and is fitted tight around a
cushion tend to negate the compressive benefits of foam. Foam wheelchair
cushions absorb impact loads well, so it can help absorb the shock of
going over bumps or obstacles.

Gel Wheelchair Cushions -
These wheelchair cushions are heavier than foams and, therefore, are
often used in combination with foams. These materials are good at
minimizing heat and are typically encased by a protective cover so are
easily cleaned. Because of their incompressible nature, viscous fluid
and gel wheelchair cushions often use a contoured non-deforming foam
base or a flat, compressible foam base to better enable the cushion to
conform around the body. Gels and fluids absorb vibration but cannot
absorb impact well. Therefore, these materials can absorb the vibrations
that one might experience in a car.

Air Wheelchair Cushions - Air is
highly compressible and would make an excellent support surface, except
for its requirement of an impermeable membrane. Therefore, the efficacy
of air wheelchair cushions is directly related to the design of its
container and proper inflation. Some encompass the body well while
others do not. Some dissipate heat well, all can handle moisture without
harm and most will absorb impact loads. Because air wheelchair cushions
are adjustable, they can be inflated to meet the needs of the user, but
this adjust ability also means that they must be maintained properly. An
improperly inflated air cushion can be either too hard or too soft, and
both are potentially damaging situations. If an air wheelchair cushion
is right for you, be sure to read the instructions so you inflate the
cushion properly. Roho Cushion is a top performer in this category..