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Hydrogel Dressings

Hydrogel Dressings contain high amounts of water and are made up of three dimensional networks of hydrophilic polymers which act as absorbents for wound exudate. This dressings provides moisture to the wound by creating a moist healing environment. This moist environment cools the wound which also produces pain relief that can last up to 6 hours. It is painless to change a Hydrogel Dressing because they do not adhere to wound surface itself because of its high water content.
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Smith and Nephew Intrasite Gel Wound Dressing FlexiGel Hydrogel Strands Restore Hydrogel Dressing
  • Partially hydrated hydrogel formulation.
  • Applipak container, available in range of sizes.
  • Contains propylene glycol.
  • Remains moist to ensure a moist wound environment.
  • Gently conforms to wound surface.
  • Maintains Integrity.
  • Maintains moist healing environment.
  • Clear, viscous gel
  • Up to 72-hour wear time
ConvaTec Aquacel Hydrofiber Wound Dressing Gentell Hydrogel Silver Wound Dressing Hydrogel by Gentell
  • Innovative dressing composed of sodium carboxy-methylcellulose fibers
  • Soft, nonwoven, conformable and highly absorbent
  • Sterile
  • Benefits of hydrogel, antimicrobial properties of silver.
  • Provides continuous antimicrobial action.
  • Water and aloe-based formula.
  • Hydrates Wound Tunnels, Hard-to-Reach Areas
  • Uses Less Water so More Viscous and Less Runny
  • Crystal Clear to Enable Assessment of Wound Bed
Kendall Curafil Gel Wound Dressing Carrasyn Gel Wound Dressing Anasept Antimicrobial Skin and Wound Gel
  • Promotes moist wound healing environment.
  • Contains Germaben to extend the life of the gel.
  • Clear and viscous to allow wound visualization.
  • Clear, non-oily acemannan hydrogel wound dressing
  • Promotes a moist wound environment.
  • Aids in natural healing process.

  • Clinically proven to reduce wound bioburden levels.
  • Used for Infected wounds from mild to moderate exudate.
  • Also Cuts and abrasions.
Aquaflo Hydrogel Transparent Dressing Aquasite Hydrogel Sheet Dressing Nu Gel Wound Dressing
  • Advanced formulation is extremely absorbent.
  • Unique disk shape maximizes wound coverage.
  • Dressing may be cut to size.
  • For deep or partial thickness wounds.
  • Promotes a moist healing environment.
  • Easy application and removal.
  • Occlusive hydrogel dressing
  • Used for dry, light and moderately exuding partial and full thickness wounds

Aquasorb Hydrogel Wound Dressing Coloplast Purilon Gel Hydrogel Wound Dressing Dermagran Hydrogel Wound Dressing
  • Transparent for easy visual assessment of wound site.
  • Polyurethane film protects from entry of pathogens.
  • Cool and moist to touch for soothing sensation.
  • For wounds that need effective autolytic debridement.
  • Hydrates necrotic tissue and absorbs excess exudate.
  • Does not contain any preservatives.

  • Rehydrates sloughy or necrotic tissue.
  • Enhances autolytic debridement.
  • Rich in zinc nutrients.
Medline Derma-Gel Hydrogel Sheets Carrington CarraGauze Carrasyn Hydrogel Wound Dressing Saturated Pad Carrasyn V Hydrogel Wound Dressing
  • Manages bacterial burden.
  • Highly absorbent - Latex-free.
  • Easy to apply and remove.

  • Carrington CarraGauze Carrasyn Hydrogel Wound Dressing Saturated Pad is easy to use
  • 4 ply pad
  • Sterile
  • Carrasyn V is a more advanced,thicker version.
  • Mantains a moist wound-healing environment.
  • Clear, non-oily gel with Acemannan Hydrogel.
Elasto-Gel - Hydrogel Wound Dressing Tegaderm Hydrogel Wound Filler 3M Tegaderm Matrix Dressing with PHI Technology
  • Provides a moist healing environment.
  • Reduces odor and does not liquify.
  • Stretches with movement.
  • Clear, hydrating gel promotes a moist wound environment.
  • Use for traumatic wounds and abrasions.
  • Sterile preservative-free wound filler.

  • Unique blend of cations found naturally in the body.
  • It is designed to help jump-start wound healing.
  • Utilizes the innovative PHI technology
RadiaDres Clear Hydrogel Sheets - 4" x 4", Box of 10 dressings Skintegrity Hydrogel Wound Filler Medline TenderWet Active Wound Dressings
  • Composed of 89.5% water and 10.5% polyethylene oxide
  • Absorb 3 times their weight in fluid.
  • Transparent which allows for easy wound evaluation
  • Hydrogel helps keep wound bed hydrated.
  • Special formulation with added aloe.
  • Greaseless formulation.
  • Helps debride necrotic wounds by creating a rinsing effect.
  • Helps create an ideal healing environment.
  • Easy application and removal.
Medline Tenderwet Active Cavity Pre-Wet Dressing Solosite Hydrogel Wound Gel Dressing Solosite Gel Conformable Wound Dressing
Solosite Wound Gel
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  • Can be left in place for up to 24 hours without drying out.
  • Reduces pathogens by absorbing and retaining pathogens.
  • Helps create an ideal healing environment.
  • Preserved for multi-dose dispensing.
  • Convenient tube presentation.
  • Effective debider and deslougher.
  • Creates a moist wound environment.
  • Keeps gel in intimate contact with wound surface.
  • Ideal for packing into and around the wound.