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Athletic Tapes & Supplies

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Cramer Tape Pre-Wrap Cover-Roll Stretch Tape Leukotape P Sports Tape
Cramer Tape Pre-Wrap
Our Price: $30.97
Cover-Roll Stretch Tape
Our Price: $12.94
Leukotape P Sports Tape
Our Price: $9.97
  • Reduces skin irritation. - Thin Foam Fabric
  • Multiple uses. - Reduces tape chafing.
  • Width: 2-34 Inch -Length: 30 Yards

  • Great for Patellofemoral pain syndrome & Shoulder Taping.
  • Use like Kinesio or Endura Sports tape.
  • Rigid Strapping Tape.

  • Recommended for patellofemoral or shoulder taping.
  • Aggressive zinc oxide adhesive.
  • Rayon-backed tape.
Zonas Tape Cover-Roll Adhesive Gauze Tape
  • Adheres securely yet tears easily by hand.
  • 100% cotton back cloth allows perspiration to escape.
  • Smooth and consistent unwind.

  • Great for Patellofemoral pain syndrome & Shoulder Taping.
  • Width Options: 2 Inch, 4 Inch, 6 Inch and 8 Inch
  • Length: 10 Yards

The goal of athletic tape is to restrict the motion of an injured joint, compress soft tissues to reduce swelling, support anatomical structure involved in the injury, hold a splint together, secure dressings or bandages, protect the injured joint from further injury, and to protect the injured part while the injured part heals.