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Wheelchair Cushions

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The Jay 2 Cushion is a lightweight, low maintenance cushion designed for the person at high risk for skin breakdown. more info
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Wheelchair Backs & Back Cushions

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Common Questions:

Our Physician has told us that we need to get a ROHO Cushion. Is it covered by Medicare?
Yes, if medical needs and requirements are met. The patient must have a wheelchair or electric wheelchair. The patient must have a skin ulcer, skin breakdown, or impaired sensation and be unable to shift weight.
The full Medicare Guidelines can be found here.

ROHO wheelchair seat cushions are made to provide the pressure relief needed. ROHO's unique design allows the seat cushion to constantly adjust to a client's body movement. The adjustment and conformity of the cells accommodate and meet the one-of-a-kind skin integrity needs for each client throughout the day.

The Roho Cushions soft, flexible, interconnected air cells that comprise ROHO DRY FLOATATION products are adjustable and provide a customized fit to a client's sitting or lying shape. As an individual's body shape changes, the cushion adjusts to facilitate blood flow.

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