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CPM Machines

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Deluxe OptiFlex Knee Patient Kit - Tan
  • Made of high quality deep pile sheepskin
  • For use with OptiFlex CPM (CPM not included)
Did you just have orthopedic surgery on one of your joints, possibly your knee for example? Then it is probably safe to say that you have a fair amount of pain in that area along with a lack of strength that you are having to contend with on a regular basis. When you add in the additional difficulties of physical therapy, many folks can find rehabilitation a lot rougher than they anticipated. One of the ways to alleviate some of that pain and speed along the process of rehabilitation is through the use of a continuous passive motion machine, otherwise known as the CPM machine for short.

CPM Machines are a type of of rehabilitation equipment that has been used for over 30 years to help people reduce pain and edema (swelling), help prevent adhesions, muscle and joint stiffness (contractures), as well as maintain and improve the affected joints range of motion. These devices also help the patient inhibit the formation of scar tissue as well, which is critical to long term success in rehabilitation. These devices are also helpful at preventing blood clots in veins that could possibly cut off blood flow, otherwise known as DVTs.