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Closed End Pouches

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Esteem One-Piece Pre-Cut Closed-End Pouch with Stomahesive Skin Barrier with Filter ConvaTec ActiveLife 413142 - Pre-cut Closed-end Pouch Assura Maxi Closed Ostomy Pouch
  • Semi-formed it holds securely to skin while helping to protect against irritating output.
  • Durable comfort panel is designed to be odor-proof and quiet to maintain discretion.
  • Disposable and designed to one time use.
  • Convatec Brand Ostomy Supplies, 413142
  • 8" ActiveLife Pre-Cut Closed-End Pouches
  • With one-sided comfort panel, filter and filter curves; contains no tape collar
  • Pouch Size:: 8.5" (21cm)
  • Pouch Capacity: 560mL
  • Pouch Options: Opaque or Transparent

Hollister New Image Two-Piece Beige Closed-End Pouch Hollister New Image Two-Piece Transparent Closed-End Pouch With Integrated Filter Hollister 2pc CenterPointLock Closed Pouch
  • QuietWear pouch material feels as gentle as clothing.
  • Providing maximum protection.
  • these pouches utilize an odor-barrier material and are rustle-free.
  • QuietWear pouch material feels as gentle as clothing.
  • Providing maximum protection.
  • these pouches utilize an odor-barrier material and are rustle-free.
  • The most discreet pouch with ComfortWear panels.
  • Highly effective gas filter and maximum discreetness.
  • These pouches utilize an odor-barrier material and are rustle free.
Hollister Locknroll 1pc Drain Pouch CTF Coloplast Assura Original Soft One-Piece Midi Flat Extra-Extended Wear Cut-to-Fit Urostomy Pouch ConvaTec SUR-FIT Natura Two-Piece Mini Opaque Closed-End Pouch Without Filter
  • Hollister Locknroll 1-Piece Drain Pouch.
  • Cut-to-Fit is an ostomy pouch.
  • that provides a high level of care to your skin.
  • Offers superior wear time compared to traditional systems.
  • Transparent adhesive provides security.
  • Belt Loops, Latex Free. Non convex. Cut to fit.
  • Features include a one sided comfort panel and no filter.
  • Designed for one time usage.
  • Opaque.
Little Ones 2 Piece Standard Closed End Pouch Hollister CenterPointLock Two-Piece Closed-End Pouch With Filter Hollister New Image 2pc Beige Closed Mini Pouch
  • Eliminates the need for a tail clip.
  • One-time use.
  • Two-sided comfort panels.
  • Four layer odor barrier.
  • Rustle-free film is soft and silent.
  • Confidence achieved by highly effective deodorizing.
  • Security assured with patented CenterPointLock feature.
  • Without integrated filter.
  • 2 piece. Beige
Coloplast Assura AC Closed Maxi Pouch with Filter Coloplast Assura New Generation Two-Piece Midi Transparent Closed Pouch With Filter Hollister Premier One-Piece Standard Flat Pre-cut Beige Closed Mini Pouch With SoftFlex Skin Barrier
  • 8.5 inch pouch featuring comfortable moisture-absorbent backing
  • Integrated filter for odor control.
  • Adhesive coupling two piece system
  • Assura Closed pouch must be used with the corresponding color coded Assura Barrier (Barrier not included)
  • Pouch Size: 7" (18cm)/275ml
  • Odor-barrier, rustle-free pouch film
  • Discreet pouch shape and size
  • Latex fee
Hollister Premier One-Piece Extended Wear Convex Cut-to-fit Transparent Drainable Pouch
  • With ComfortWear pouch panel - body side only
  • Latex free
  • Length : 12" (30cm)
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