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Click 'N Shop - Continuous Flow Portable Concentrators

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SeQual Eclipse 5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator SimplyGo Concentrator by Respironics Simplygo MIni Concentrator By Respironics
Simplygo Concentrator By Respironics
Manufacturers List Pricing $3,299.00

Our Price - Lowest Price Guaranteed
Simplifies the patients continuum of care.

Super easy to use, and just 10 pounds

Super easy to use, and just 10 pounds

Oxlife Independence Portable Oxygen Concentrator Sequal Eclipse Portable Oxygen System - Rental SeQual Equinox Portable Concentrator
SeQual Equinox Portable Concentrator
Manufacturers List Pricing $3,950.00

Our Price - Lowest price Guaranteed!
Long life battery for extended service!

Have your Rental Cost applied to a Purchase
No hassle, Delivery and Pick-Up included
Continuous or Pulse flow
Continuous & Pulse, and just 14lbs..


Continuous Flow Portable Concentrators:

There are two main types of Portable Oxygen Concentrators. A continuous flow unit, means that oxygen is constantly streaming out whether you are inhaling or exhaling. A pulse flow unit detects when you are inhaling and only dispenses oxygen at that time. You might need a Continuous flow unit, if you are frequently traveling and you require oxygen at night for sleep. There are three
main units we recommend for continuous flow. The new SeQual Eclipse 5, Respironics Simply Go, Invacare Solo 2 and the Oxlife Independence. Continuous flow units can also be set to pulse dose as needed. As a trade off for the ability to produce continuously, battery time is reduced, and weight is generally higher.

A Pulse Flow Concentrator is great for those looking to get out and about during the day. For example, visiting the doctors office, movies, church, etc. The machine senses when you are going to take a breath and it gives a burst of oxygen when you inhale, preventing wasted oxygen when you are exhaling. A Portable Oxygen Concentrator, that is only capable of the Pulse Dose function, is going to be the lightest units available which makes them the most popular.

We know a Portable Concentrator is a expensive purchase, and were here to make it easy for you! Should you have any questions or need help, please contact our Respiratory Experts Today at 866-218-0902.