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Exercise Equipment

Aero Pilates Elliptical Trainers Resistance Chair Exercise System
The Aero Pilates, take the traditional Pilates workout to the next level for a fun, safe, and comfortable workout with the addition of cardio training. more info
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Whether it is for rehabilitation, increasing mobility, or just wanting to increase muscle strength and blood circulation, the Resistance Chair Exercise System is safe, low impact, and is already used by thousands of health professionals. more info
Exercise & Stationary Bikes Inversion Tables Rowing Machines
Let us be your single source and one stop shop for treadmills, elliptical cross trainers, and exercise bikes. more info
Inversion tables, gravity tables, inversion chairs, and stamina products on sale. more info
Stamina Products Rowing Machines - the fitness equipment that will get you fit and keep you fit for a lifetime. more info
Treadmills Home Gym Systems
Stamina Products Treadmills - discounted pricing on all exercise equipment. more info
Your authorized stamina dealer - the Home Gym Systems. more info
Exceed all of your fitness goals with the correct exercise equipment. Shop the Medical Department Store for the best selection of exercise bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines, home gym systems, and much more.