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Geriatric Chairs

Clinical Chairs & Recliners Convalescent Chairs Drop Arm
Reclining Geri Chairs in all styles and colors by Winco & Lumex. Delivered and serviced nationwide.
All Convalescent Geri Chairs are delivered and serviced nationwide.
Drop Arm Geri Chairs designed for patient side transfer!
Geri Chair Recliners Heavy Weight Capacity Geri Chairs Lateral Transfer Geri Chairs
Reclining Geri Chairs in all styles and colors by Winco & Lumex. Delivered and serviced nationwide.
Heavy Weight Capacity Geri Chairs come in all styles and colors by Winco, Invacare & Lumex. Delivered and serviced nationwide.
Makes transferring the patient safer with a Lateral Transfer Geri Chair.

Geri Chairs (Geriatric Chairs) help reduce pressure, allow independence, and can improve the quality of life for the patient. Geri Chairs are used when a patient requires greater positioning support than most wheelchairs can provide. Geriatric Recliner Chairs/Geri Chairs can provide a better solution.

Geriatric recliners/Geri Chairs are used for a range of long-term care and clinical seating applications. They are rugged, durable, easy-to-clean, and perform a variety of functions safely making a Geri Chair an outstanding choice for the patient.

Homecare applications
Convalescent Recliners provide exceptional comfort for day room or resident room environments. Most Geri Chairs come equipped with a tray, which reduces patient transfers.

Clinical applications
Geri Chairs and Clinical Recliners are perfect for clinical settings such as dialysis, chemotherapy, OB/GYN Clinics, Same Day Surgery, Post-Operative Care, Outpatient Care, Blood Collection, Ophthalmology and Cardiac Care.

Lateral Transfer/ Drop Arm Geri-Chairs
Allow for easy transfer of all patients, with a wide range of functionality.

Common Questions:

Can you bill Medicare for me?
No. Unfortunately, due to Medicare's new competitive bidding program, we can only bill locally for wheelchairs and medicare supplies.

What if I need parts or repairs on my wheelchair?
We have been selling medical supplies for 30 years, and we are here to support you, through both the sale and after! If a part you need is a covered warranty item, it will be shipped to you at no charge. If the product is out of warranty, we will help get you the product at a great price, even if we did not sell you the product in the first place. That goes for any product!

Just contact us at 1-866-218-0902 with any questions.