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Pressure ulcers are treatable and can even preventable.

Patients immobilized and unable to move to relieve a pressure point can suffer serious skin breakdown of the skin and soft body tissue in a very short time frame. Unfortunately, this can result in a pressure ulcer. A pressure ulcer, by definition, is "any lesion caused by unrelieved pressure resulting in underlying tissue damage".

However, pressure ulcers are treatable and can even be prevented.

Therapeutic support surfaces, such a pressure relief cushions and mattress systems are a proven way to help prevent and treat pressure ulcers.

Therapeutic support surfaces prevent and treat pressure ulcers by molding to the body to maximize contact, redistributing weight as uniformly as possible, and reducing pressure to below capillary closure.

Pressure Reduction Mattress and Cushions are categorized into two sections:

Group I support surfaces are designed to aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.

  • Gel Overlays distribute pressure uniformly and reduce the friction force. Made with gel
    bladders inside a foam core.
  • Foam Mattress, Multiple layers of contoured foam for maximum pressure reduction.
  • Alternating Pressure Pad - The pad is made of a series of air chambers, which the cell alternately inflates and deflates. This constant change in pressure in different cells reduces pressure points and improves patient comfort.
Group II mattress systems are for pressure ulcer therapy. Provides both therapeutic benefit of pressure relief as well as skin moisture management.

  • Non-Powered Pressure Reduction Mattress - Air is channeled through cells for maximum patient immersion.
  • Alternating Pressure Mattress - Air is pumped into the mattress. The cells are alternately inflated and deflated. This constant change of pressure reduces pressure points and helps promote circulation.
  • Low Air Loss Therapy - The patient floats on air filled cells while circulating air across the skin to reduce moisture. Helps to maintain a constant skin interface pressure. A
    "True Air Loss" can utilizes 100-150 liters of air per minute to maintain normal skin temperature and moisture levels.
  • Lateral Rotation Mattress - This mattress system affords the benefits of the Low-Air-Loss. Additionally, it constantly rotates the patient from side to side cyclically to change
    pressure points. The amount of lateral rotation can be programmed by the caregiver affording the patient additional comfort. Movement of the patient significantly reduces risk of pulmonary complications, stimulates the gastrointestinal tract, improves circulation and the mild movement provides pressure relief without disturbing the patient.