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Airhawk Cushions

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Roho Mini-Max Cushion
Our Price: $271.00

  • Ideal for users with low risk of skin breakdown
  • Designed for high activity individuals
  • Fully adjustable support with included air pump
ROHO Airhawk now has two Brands in the Roho Airhawk Line, The AirHawk and the AirHawk 2. Both are great cushions,
The ROHO Airhawk is made from heavy Neoprene rubber, the same durable material in in the Roho Medical Cushion line.
Where as the the ROHO AirHawk 2 cushion line is made from a Lightweight Polyurethane.
AirHawk - Carrries a 2 year warrenty
AirHark 2 - Carries a 1 year warrenty

Please base your purchase on your riding schedule. And ENJOY 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Unsurpassed Comfort ‹?? Enjoy Longer Rides

The last mile feels like the first, thanks to ROHO‹?? AIRHAWK‹??s‹??
Comfort Seating System exclusive Shape Fitting Technology‹??. Patented
system eliminates painful pressure points and promotes consistent blood
flow for a longer, more comfortable ride. Memory foam can‹??t do it. Gel
seats can‹??t do it. Only genuine AIRHAWK can do it. And it‹??s fully
customizable and portable ‹?? use it on any bike, for any rider.

No Hot Seat.

Open mesh side panels allow air to circulate between the air cells
and out the side of the seat cushion, reducing heat build-up and keeping
you cool and dry. The motorcycle seat cushion is waterproof, and the
cover material is made of quick-dry material, just in case it gets
rained on.

More Comfort in the end

Small interconnected air cells evenly distribute your weight and
pressure over the whole motorcycle seat cushion, reducing the ‹??hot
spots‹?? that cause pain. The air cells also work as mini shock
absorbers, reducing vibration. Once you‹??ve tried it, you won‹??t ride
without it.

Not sure what size will fit your motorcycle? Check out our Fit Chart for model listings and learn how to measure your seat!

What's the Difference?

The launch of AIRHAWK 2 has caused the question "What's the
difference?" to come up many times when people are reviewing our
product. While the original AIRHAWK and the new AIRHAWK 2 are similar,
there are some difference. These difference are outlined in the chart

Airhawk Comparison Chart