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Tracheostomy Care

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Shiley Tracheolife II Heat and Moisture Exchange Airlife Omni-Flex Patient Connector -  3222 Kimberly Clark Trach Care Heat Moist Exchanger And Filter
  • Easy and non-traumatic replacement
  • Intended to be replaced at least once every 24 hours
  • ISO standard 15mm fitting
  • Extends and Contracts to Adjust Length
  • Provides Increased Flexibility
  • Disposable
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Flex-tube options
  • Suitable for anesthesia and respiratory functions
Shiley Phonate Speaking Valve CareFusion AirLife Brand Tri-Flo Single Catheters Kimberly Clark Neonatal And Pediatric Trach Care Elbow
  • Lightweight valve minimizes additional pressure on stoma site
  • Valve design helps minimize work of breathing
  • Sterile

  • Designed with two triangular eyes
  • Beveled tip to increase suctioning efficiency while reducing patient trauma.
  • Soft low durometer catheter helps prevent trauma
  • Tactile catheter sleeve
  • Locking thumb port
Mallinckrodt Tracheolife II Medline Standard Suction Swab Kit with Rinse Medline Oral Care Kit
Mallinckrodt Tracheolife II
  • It is for single patient use.
  • It helps to address non-ventilated patients at risk for hospital-acquired pneumonia.
  • It easily connects to standard suction lines
  • Medline Oral Care Kit is for easy and fast cleaning
  • It has available in economy kit and standard kit.
Pediatric Omni-Flex Patient Connector, 3215 Medline Tracheostomy Tube Holder
  • Extends and Contracts to Adjust Length
  • Provides Increased Flexibility
  • Disposable
  • It was made to keep the tube from slipping
  • Hook-and-loop closure and a comfortable soft strap
Tracheostomy Care.  Here you will find many types of tracheostomy tubes and supplies available.