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Prescription Orders

This is Non-Medicare related information intended for customers purchasing a product that may be FDA regulated. Primarily respiratory equipment and T.E.N.S. and E.M.S. units.

State Laws within the United States:
We recognize each State's Laws regarding Internet and Mail-Order business conducted in those states. As a result, we do not ship any items that require RX to: Virginia, Nebraska, Kansas, Oregon

Require Rx:

T.E.N.S. Units
E.M.S. Units
Oxygen Concentrator - Rx should state Liter requirements.
Nebulizer machine
CPAP/BIPAP machine - Rx should state the pressure at which the machine is to be set.

Headgear and other accessories do not require a prescription. Generally speaking, any product that generates or delivers concentrated O2 will need a physician's prescription. Some accessories do require a prescription, this all varies according to Federal Regulations.
Step 1 - make your purchase.
Step 2 - fax or email Rx so we can ship product.

Prescriptions can be faxed by the patient or the physician to (941)488-0011(no coversheet required) or E-mail Client Services

Prescription must include diagnosis.

Dealers purchasing these products must have their Federal Tax ID on file to avoid the Rx requirement.

Please do not call to ask us to make exceptions, or promise one is in the mail. We cannot ship the product until we have received the Rx.

Please call customer service if you need further assistance,

ONLINE SALES: 1-866-218-0902