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Wound Care

Wound Dressings Compression Bandages Wound Drainage Collectors
A Wound Dressing is a sterile pad that is applied to a wound in order to promote healing and to prevent further harm.
Compression Bandage describes a wide variety of bandages such as short stretch compression bandages, Unna Boot, and Comprilan.
Protects patient by containing corrosive exudate while reducing exposure to bacteria and contaminants. Keeps patient dry and comfortable by collecting exudate - by Convetec And Hollister.
Dressing Kits Gauze Dressings Hydrophilic Gel
Medline sterile Dressing Kits were designed to allow clinicians to provide excellent patient care with quality products.
Bordered Gauze protects wound surfaces and facilitates the wicking of fluid. Gauze available in sterile and non-sterile packaging.
Hydrophilic Gel brings nutrients to the wound site to create an ideal environment for the body to heal itself.
Medical Tape Wound Cleansers & Debriders Lotions, Creams & Skin Care
Medical Department Store offers one of the largest selections of medical tape and surgical tape.
Wound Cleansers act as antiseptics to treat minor wounds.
Find Lotions & Creams including shampoos, no-rinse, hand sanitizers, first-aid creams and ointments, as well as topical or rash creams and ointments.
The Medical Department Store offers a wide variety of Wound Care Products such as Wound Dressings, Compression Bandages, Wound Drainage Collectors, Dressing Kits, Gauze, Hydrophilic Gel, Medical Tape, Wound Cleansers, as well as Lotions, Creams & Skin Care products. All products are top of the line from the best manufacturers. If you have any questions, please call our experts at 1-866-218-0902.