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Theraband Resistance Bands

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TheraBand Professional Latex Resistance Bands Thera-Band Latex Exercise Bands - 6 Yard Lengths Thera-Band Latex Exercise Bands - 50 Yard Lengths
  • Made with the highest quality natural rubber latex
  • Color-coded levels of progressive resistance
  • Can be used in the clinic, at-home, or on-the go
Thera-Band Latex Exercise Bands - 6 Yard Lengths
  • Dispenser Box for Custom Length
  • Economical Bulk Size
  • Resistance Training Less Stress on Joints
TheraBand Professional Latex Resistance Tubing - 25/100 ft TheraBand Exercise Mats TheraBand Inflatable Pro Series S Exercise Balls
TheraBand Exercise Mats
Our Price: $99.97
  • Low Cost Exercise Equipment
  • Bulk Packaging for Professionals
  • Color Coding Tracks Progress
  • Thera-Band Exercise Mats avaialble in two different thickness levels
  • Thicker mats provide more cushion for rehab applications
  • Thinner mats provide utility for routine fitness work
    • Safe to lie, sit or kneel on while exercising
    • Easy to clean, comes deflated with two plugs, one inflation adaptor
    • Supports up to 600 lbs
        Theraband Resistance bands are latex bands that are available in color coded levels of resistance. Resistance bands provide muscle building tension and can be used almost anywhere. All bands offer safe and effective workouts and are often recommended for rehabilitation purposes.