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Geri Chair Recliners

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Winco 6530 / 6531 - CareCliner Geriatric-Chair Invacare Basic 3-Position Geri Chair Deluxe 3-Position Medical Recliner by Invacare
  • Push handle on back for easy maneuverability
  • Webbed elastic suspension seat
  • Multiple side-table options
  • Three easy-to-attain positions
  • Table can be used on either side
  • Table locks in to one of five positions
  • Three easy-to-attain positions
  • Fire retardant foam & glue
  • Special woven padding on back & seat
Lumex 674G Geri Chair Winco 6571 XL CareCliner Geriatrics Chair Winco 5251 Convalescent 3-Position Reclining Geriatric Chair
  • Flex-o-Lator seat support system increases user comfort.
  • Ideal for alleviating cardiac and respiratory ailments.
  • Easy transfer by "one touch" action
  • Can roll chair with arms down
  • Built-in ergonomic headrest
  • Built-in ergonomic headrest.
  • Non-porous tray stores on the side of chair
  • Heavy duty total lock 5" steel casters in rear
Winco 6551 CareCliner Drop Arm Geriatric Chair Winco 6541 Xl Carecliner Geriatric Chair, Steel Casters Winco 5291 XL Geri Chair Convalescent Geriatric Chair
  • Standard Trendelenberg release handle
  • One-touch release for drop-arms
  • Built-in headrest
  • Release handle on back operated from either side
  • Side panels can be removed for cleaning
  • Built-in ergonomic headrest
  • Three-position recline - Upright, TV, and recline
  • Wide armrests have extra cushioning
  • Over sized footrest
Winco 6900 Elite CareCliner Geriatric Chair Winco 6910 XL Elite Trendelenburg Bariatric CareCliner Winco 5851 Reclining Geri Chair LifeCare Geriatric
  • Built-in ergonomic headrest
  • Standard Trendelenberg release
  • Blow molded fold down side tray
  • Easily accessible Trendelenburg release handle
  • Non-porous blow molded fold down side tray
  • Built-in ergonomic headrest
  • Non-porous tray stores on the side of the chair
  • Recessed hand-grips for both user and caregiver
  • Three-position lock in upright, T.V. or recline
Winco 5400 Premier LifeCare Recliner Winco 6540 XL CareCliner Chair, Nylon Casters Winco 6550 CareCliner Drop Arm Chair with Nylon Casters
  • Push-handle for easy maneuverability.
  • Comfortable, contoured urethane armrests tokeep upholstery free from damage.
  • Smooth, round tube frame with recessed hand-grips
  • Optional 3" leg extensions
  • Built-in ergonomic headrest
  • Built-in ergonomic headrest
  • Nylon casters
  • Non-porous blow molded fold down side tray
Winco 6570 XL CareCliner Drop Arm Chair, Nylon Casters Winco 6940 Dual Swing-Arm Elite CareCliner Winco 6950 XL Swing Away Arm Trendelenburg Bariatric CareCliner
  • Arms drop level with seat for easy transfer
  • Built-in ergonomic headrest
  • Elastic open seat provides comfort and support
  • Easy dual swing-arms release.
  • Standard Trendelenberg release on back
  • Fold-down side tray
  • Fold-down side tray
  • Trendelenberg release on back
  • Adjustable elastic bands on back frame
Winco 5861 & 5851Reclining Geri Chair Lumex Preferred Care Geriatric Recliner 565G Drive Medical 3 Position Geri Chair
  • Three-position lock in upright, T.V. or recline
  • Recessed hand-grips for both user and caregiver
  • Infinite Position Recline
  • Quick release upholstery for easy cleaning, removal and replacements
  • Comfortable recliner with a large molded tray
  • Padded, angled armrests
  • Neutral color and durable fabric that resists soiling
MJM International Bariatric Three-Position Recline Geri Chair MJM International Extra Wide 3-Position Recline Geri Chair Drive Medical Extra Wide Bariatric Recliner
  • Bariatric 3-position recline
  • Multi position for back and legs
  • Weight capacity: 700 lbs
  • Safety casters will not fall/pull out with normal use.
  • Push bar doubles as safety catch for reclining back.

  • Sturdy steel frame is easy to maintain
  • Moisture barrier on seat prevents seepage
  • Comfortable built in headrest
Vero Medical Recliner Chair by Winco Inverness 24 Hour Treatment Recliner for Dialysis and Clinical Treatment Winco Augustine Premium Recliner
  • Durable construction can easily withstand heavy, repeated use
  • Upholstery is easy to clean, helping bolster a healthful environment
  • Durable construction that is easy to clean.
  • Trendelenburg Positions
  • Holds upto 500 lb. weight capacity(XL)
  • 500 lbs. Weight Capacity
  • Infinite Position Backrest
  • Fixed Arms For Stability