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Lateral Rotation Mattress Systems

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Invacare Microair Lateral Rotation Mattress System Span America PressureGuard Easy Air Mattress PressureGuard APM2 Safety Supreme Mattress System
  • Allows for gentle patient movement and pressure
  • Controls are designed with icons for easy operation
  • Weight capacity: Standard 350 lbs; Bariatric 1000 lbs
  • Ease of operation and cleaning
  • Does not deflate during power outage
  • Fast, easy set-up and transport
  • Ease of operation and cleaning
  • Cover is fire resistant, fluidproof, cleanable & replaceable
  • Weight Capacity 350lbs

Lateral Rotational Mattress Systems have been designed for patients who are at high risk of circulation problems and bed sores.

If an immobile patient is left in one position, they become highly susceptible to infection; pulmonary and respiratory issues can also develop. Using a Lateral Rotational Mattress System, the turning, moving, and shifting of the patient is done by the mattress, this can greatly reduce the risk!

Most lateral rotation systems allow the caretaker to easily program the Mattress System, setting the mattress to perform the rotation at set timed intervals. Lateral rotation mattress systems are also used for treating and healing pressure sores. We recommend the Span America Turn Select as the Top Lateral Rotation Mattress System.

Using Invacare Rotational Mattress System