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Alginate Dressings

Alginate Dressings are composed of calcium alginate, a gelatinous and water-insoluble substance. When in contact with a wound, the calcium alginate in the dressing reacts with sodium chloride from the wound. This turns the dressing into a hydrophilic gel that maintains a moist environment for the wound. Good for exudating wounds and helps in debridement and sloughing of wounds. Do not use on low exudating wounds as this will cause dryness and scabbing. Dressings should be changed daily.

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Maxorb Extra AG Silver Alginate Restore Calcium Alginate Dressing Silvercel Antimicrobial Alginate Dressing - Sterile
  • Sustained antimicrobial protection.
  • Highly absorbent - Fluid will not wick laterally.
  • Superior gelling and fluid handling.
  • Fibers help maintain a moist wound interface.
  • Absorbs Moderate to Heavy Exudate.
  • Prevents maseration by wicking vertically.
  • Used as a primary dressing.
  • Alginate forms a gel on contact with exudate.
  • Sterile - Latex free.
3M Tegaderm High Integrity Alginate Dressing SilverCel Non-Adherent Antimicrobial Alginate Wound Dressing Melgisorb Calcium Alginate Dressing
  • Retains its integrity when saturated for quick and easy removal
  • Highly conformable and absorbent
  • Sterile
  • Used as a primary dressing
  • Alginate forms a gel on contact with exudate
  • maximize protection of the wound bed
  • Provides moist environment for healing to take place.
  • Does not adhere to wound bed.
  • Minimal pain upon dressing removal.
Melgisorb Plus Calcium Alginate Dressing Comfeel Plus Ulcer Dressing Comfeel Plus Contour Dressing
  • Rapidly absorbs exudate and converts into a gel.
  • Designed to decrease pain during dressing changes.
  • Gently absorbs exudate.
  • Grid Markings for Accurate Measurements.
  • Maintains a Moist Environment for Healing.
  • Change Dressings Less Often.
  • Color change feature indicates, dressing change.
  • Adhesive technology keeps dressing securely in place.
  • "No-touch" system allows easy application.
Argentum Silverlon Antimicrobial Silver Calcium Alginate Dressing ConvaTec KALTOSTAT Alginate Dressing AlgiSite M Calcium Paginate Dressing
  • Provides extra absorbency and exudate management.
  • Provides up to 7 days of antimicrobial protection.
  • Permanently plated metallic surface.
  • Absorbs up to 20 times its own weight in wound exudate.
  • Maintains its integrity, does not dissipate in the wound.
  • may be left in place up to 7 days, trauma-free removal.
  • Maintains a moist wound environment.
  • Conforms to wound contours.
  • Highly absorbent, less fiber shed.

3M Tegaderm High Gelling Alginate Dressing ConvaTec CarboFlex Odor Control Non-Adhesive Dressing Derma Sciences Medihoney HCS Hydrogel Colloidal Sheet Dressing
  • Forms a gel-like consistency as they absorb exudate.
  • Highly absorbent dressings, 20 times their own weight.
  • Two Alginate options to meet wound needs.
  • Alginate/hydrofiber layer keeps wound moist.
  • Activated charcoal layer absorbs odors.
  • Advanced mult-layered dressing.
  • 63% Active Leptospermum Honey content
  • Cooling and soothing upon application
  • For dry to moderate exuding wound
ALLEVYN Alginate Gentle Border Silver Dressing MEDIHONEY Calcium Alginate Dressing with Active Leptospermum Honey Derma Sciences Medihoney Honeycolloid Dressing - Non-Adhesive
  • Rapid and sustained antibacterial action
  • Optimal exudate management
  • A unique two-in-one solution for exuding chronic wounds
  • High percentage of Leptospermum honey.
  • Works in the presence of wound fluid, blood, and tissue.
  • Provides a optimum healing environment
  • Non-occlusive, requires second dressing
  • Easy to remove without disrupting the wound bed
  • Contains 95% active Leptospermum Honey
Restore Silver Calcium Alginate Dressing Algicell Calcium Alginate with Silver by Derma Sciences Allevyn AG Gentle Adhesive Silver Dressing
  • Releases silver ions in the presence of wound exudate.
  • Effective antimicrobial agent.
  • Assists in maintaining a moist environment.
  • Provides an effective barrier to bacterial penetration.
  • Designed to gel well while keeping its physical integrity.
  • Facilitates ease of removal
  • Rapid and sustained antibacterial action.
  • Optimal exudate management.
  • Sustained antibacterial activity for 7 days.
Allevyn AG Adhesive Silver Dressing Curasorb Calcium Alginate Dressing Kendall Alginate Hydrocolloid Dressings (Formerly Ultec Pro)
  • Optimal exudate management
  • Easy to use range of dressing sizes
  • Non-adherent wound contact layer
  • Absorbs 20 Times Its Own Weight in Exudate
  • Gel Block Feature Encourages Vertical Wicking
  • More Efficient Removal of Exudate
  • Designed for use on lightly exudating to dry wounds.
  • Maintains an optimal moist healing environment.
  • Unique formulation absorbs exudate
AlgiSite M Calcium Paginate Dressing AlgiSite M Calcium Paginate Dressing Smith & Nephew Algisite M Calcium Alginate Dressing
  • Maintains a moist wound environment.
  • Conforms to wound contours.
  • Highly absorbent, less fiber shed.

  • Maintains a moist wound environment.
  • Conforms to wound contours.
  • Highly absorbent, less fiber shed.

  • Maintains a moist wound environment.
  • Conforms to wound contours.
  • Highly absorbent, less fiber shed.

Fibracol Plus Collagen Wound Dressing with Alginate Medline TheraHoney Sheet Honey Wound Dressing Medline TheraHoney Foam Flex Dressing
  • 90% Collagen and 10% Calcium Alginate.
  • Nonadherent and Removes Easily.
  • Maintains Initial Integrity When Wet.
  • Easy to apply dressing
  • Permits the passage of exudate
  • Porous

  • Self-adhering
  • Helps rapidly reduce odor
  • May be left in place for up to 7 days
Argentum Silverlon Antimicrobial Film Top Island Dressings Argentum Silverlon Antimicrobial Negative Pressure Dressing Argentum Silverlon Antimicrobial Wound Contact Dressing
  • Enhances wound healing
  • Helps in minor cuts, scrapes, abrasions and burns
  • Multi-layer, sterile, non-adherent antimicrobial barrier
  • Easy to use contact layer
  • Provides 24/7 antimicrobial protection
  • Has been proven to allow for longer wear times between dressing changes
  • Protection of the dressing against microbial contamination
  • Provides 24/7 antimicrobial protection
  • Has been proven to allow for longer wear times between dressing changes
Argentum Silverlon Antimicrobial Wound Packing Strips Dermarite SilvaKollagen Gel Medline Maxorb Extra CMC/Alginate Rope Wound Dressing
  • Encourage draining by wicking fluids from a body cavity, infected area, or abscess
  • Help remove necrotic tissue from ulcers or other infected wounds when used as a wet to dry packing
  • Local management of lacerations
  • Gel formulation conforms to any wound site
  • Supports natural autolysis by rehydrating and softening
  • Biocompatible and biodegradable
  • No lateral wicking
  • For moderate to heavily draining wounds
  • Greater loft and fluid handling